Leadership Books by Azim Khamisa

Get ready to transcend adversity, cultivate empathy, and lead with an unwavering moral compass.

Azim Khamisa writes to inspire, heal, and transform. Through his poignant narratives and insights, he dives into the complexities of leadership, resilience, and forgiveness.

Drawing from personal trials and a wealth of spiritual wisdom, Azim’s books help those navigating their own professional and personal challenges.

Leadership for the Greater Good

In today’s corporate landscape, leadership principles often sway between aggressive ambition and ethical grounding. Drawing inspiration from Mahatma Gandhi’s satyagraha, Azim Khamisa presents a compelling case for a revolutionary leadership style.

Here’s how this guide can elevate your leadership journey:

Equip your leadership strategy with deep-rooted ethics and a vision for societal betterment. Join Azim Khamisa in shaping leaders who not only lead industries but also nurture communities. As the corporate world grapples with its challenges, let’s redefine what leadership entails.

The Secrets of the Bulletproof Spirit

Executives and leaders frequently confront unexpected setbacks, challenges, and losses.

Why do some leaders bounce back while others falter?

In this book, you’ll learn how to fortify your leadership journey with spiritual resilience.

Setbacks are inevitable. This book will help you fortify your emotional and spiritual defenses, ensuring you not only weather storms but emerge from them stronger, wiser, and undeterred.

The Forgiveness Trilogy

Leaders are constantly faced with unpredictability that can throw us off our life course. In fact, it only takes one major setback to derail a successful life or career.

How will you fortify yourself spiritually against such a setback?

Azim Khamisa’s forgiveness trilogy encapsulates a peace formula crafted from personal tragedy.

In the trilogy, you’ll learn:

Azim's Bardo

“Bust him, Bone!” The echo of the 9mm handgun resonated in the quiet night, marking the tragic end for 20-year-old Tariq Khamisa, a college student and pizza deliverer. His assailant: young eighth-grader Tony Hicks.

This marked the start of a profound spiritual journey for Azim Khamisa, Tariq’s grieving father. Drawn to the concept of “bardo” from Tibetan Buddhism— a transitional period between life states—Azim found himself navigating the dark abyss of loss. Anchored by his deep Islamic Ismaili faith and a desire to give meaning to Tariq’s death, he channeled his grief into compassionate actions.

Guided by the wisdom that such acts serve as “spiritual currency” for the departed soul, Azim rejected the path of revenge. Instead, he recognized the tragedy in both lives: his son and the young shooter. This realization led him to unite with Tony’s grandfather, Ples Felix, culminating in the establishment of the Tariq Khamisa Foundation. This initiative advocates for restorative justice, healing victims, communities, and offenders.

In this book, you’ll experience the transformative power of forgiveness and empathy after heart-wrenching violence.

From Forgiveness to Fulfillment

This sequel details Azim’s evolution as a father dedicated to healing not only his heart, but also the wounds of our society.

From Fulfillment to Peace

Along the path of forgiveness and redemption, Azim created a peace formula that would guide his life.

The book is designed to be a roadmap with detailed directions to dealing with loss. Let Azim guide you on this map, so that you can survive and thrive no matter what happens in your life.