Azim Khamisa's Nonprofit Initiatives

The Tariq Khamisa Foundation (TKF)

In 1995, tragedy struck as Tariq Khamisa, a young 20-year-old college student, lost his life to Tony Hicks, a 14-year-old gang member. As Tony became California’s first under-16 to face adult conviction, Azim Khamisa, grieving his son, chose the path of understanding and healing. Recognizing “victims on both ends of the gun”, Azim partnered with Tony’s grandfather, Ples Felix, and thus, TKF was born.

TKF's Mission

Dedicated to curbing youth violence, TKF emphasizes:

CANEI: Constant and Never Ending Improvement

Co-founded by Azim Khamisa, CANEI has made its mark in eight US cities. Its outstanding achievement? Successfully redirecting 70% of youth offenders, contrasting the higher 80% recidivism rates in State systems.

What Makes CANEI Unique?

CANEI is an opportunity for youth to rediscover themselves, to nurture compassion, and to blend harmoniously within their communities.

From the onset, I recognized victims on both ends of the gun. While Tariq's loss will forever weigh on my heart, it fuels my commitment to societal change.

– Azim Khamisa