Restorative Practices Consulting

Does your team have a conflict? Azim will help you resolve the issue in a way that prioritizes your teams’ wellbeing and helps your entire organization come out stronger.

The Problem

Conflicts and disruptions can often be multifaceted, stemming not just from operational challenges but from deep-rooted human relationship breakdowns. Such conflicts can lead to reduced productivity, hampered team dynamics, and diminished trust within the organization.

More than just a temporary setback, these disruptions can have long-term ramifications on the company’s growth, culture, and overall health.

The Solution

Restorative practices offer a fresh perspective on conflict resolution. Instead of just addressing surface-level issues, restorative practices delve into root causes. This ensures more sustainable solutions.

With a focus on rebuilding and nurturing relationships, Azim’s approach to resolving conflicts builds a more harmonious, united, and productive work environment, setting the foundation for long-term success.

Principles of Restorative Practices

Azim Khamisa has pioneered the application of restorative justice principles in the corporate realm. His work has turned “restorative practices” into powerful tools organizations can use for healing and growth.

So, what are the principles underlying restorative practices?

Spirit is far more powerful & wise and will help you manifest beyond your intellect & emotions.

– Azim Khamisa

Speak with Azim

During consultations, Azim helps businesses integrate these principles into their organizational culture. This ensures long-term adherence and creates a more harmonious work environment.

Typically, Azim will coach each team member separately, then facilitate a joint workshop with your entire team. The approach can be customized depending on the size of your team and the complexity of the conflict.